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Why are you reading this?

I don’t know why. Do I look like some kind of wikipedia of psychosocial insight? I’m not. Maybe you ‘re my friend, humoring me (probably). Maybe you’re my long-lost twin who was about to write the same thing and is sitting, stunned and weirded out, at your computer right now. (HIGHLY LIKELY). Maybe you just found out Jonathan Brandis is dead the hard way. I’m sorry.

Jonathan Brandis Is Dead, in case you couldn’t tell by the title, is a blog dedicated purely to scientific query and intense theological and philosophical discussion. It is also a place, once and for all, to confront the fact that Darwin the Dolphin was, indeed, a robot.


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  1. Danica Radovanov

    Good Louise Brooks images, then I thought you were funny re the hot guys.

  2. Why aren’t you writing more? I just discovered this and it is HILARIOUS.

  3. Jonathan Brandis

    This is… really funny, except that… I’m not dead.


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