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Murderous Toddlers: the trend continues

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Last week, a candidate for Father of The Year  fingered his two-year-old son as the triggerman in the assassination of his mother as she turned her back on the deranged toddler. This week, we find out that he won’t be alone on baby death row. Now, a four-year-old stands accused in the drowning death of his younger sister.

Like the first murder, this crime took place in Florida, where apparently police don’t bat an eye when you point a finger at your baby and J’ACCUSE them of homicide.

According to Daytona police, a fun game of Pretend To Drown Your Three-Year-Old sister became a deadly round of I Actually Drowned My Three-Year-Old Sister in a kiddie pool in the family yard. This time, instead of leaving a gun hanging around the house where a two-year-old could access it easily, despite the many, many places that are out of a toddler’s reaching range, the mother explained to police that she excused herself to the bathroom to take a dump, and when she came back, the daughter was submerged in the water.

First of all, little kids can drown in sprinklers and puddles of water. They can drown in a doggy dish. What would ever make a woman think she can just leave them for two shakes of a lamb’s tail to sit and flip through People Magazine on the crapper? Oh, wait, I know. Profound stupidity.

There’s no mention of why the mother is so adamant that the little girl didn’t just drown on her own while her four-year-old brother watched, so either the kid is a terrifying Omen Bad Seed of Evil or maybe, just maybe, the mother is trying to absolve herself of accepting responsibility and owning up to her negligent parenting by blaming her murderous, evil pre-schooler.

Those of you eying your door nervously and anticipating a gang of delinquent diaper wearers won’t sleep any easier knowing the baby will walk/toddle away from this consequence-free:

Under state statutes, the 4-year-old boy can’t face charges because of his age, officials told CNN-affiliate WESH.

IS THERE NO JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD? Something must be done to stop America’s newest threat. There is only one solution. Women like this MUST take the preemptive strike and abort. Kill them before they kill you, parents.


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  1. Was the 2 year old named Stewie?


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